Here I’m trying to sort all the things that I’ve done (projects/ideas/etc.). Probably it’s more interesting for you to visit my profiles – YouTube, Instagram, GitHub

Internet of Things (IoT) and Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects

Let me begin the introduction with one of my favorite projects – in which I often use Raspberry Pi, Arduino and different electronic components. Due to this hobby I’ve learned to solder, work with wires and so on



In 2016 I attended the hackathon for the first time. It called Junction 2016 and was held in the capital of Finland – Helsinki. Since then I’ve been participating in 10+ hackathons

I love the atmosphere, joint work with team mates and the fact that after a short period of time (usually 2 days) we create something new and cool

Junction 2016

{Machine, Deep, Reinforcement} Learning

I don’t have many projects related to ML. But I do have an article on Medium platform about Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Also I was at 2nd place (right behind the Ian Goodfellow) by the views of answers on Quora platform in GANs-related section (now I’m at 3rd place)


Photo and Video

I love video editing. During last months I’ve been shooting a lot, almost everywhere I go and travel. Used to I made photos and loved to edit them in Lightroom. I could do this for hours

Visit forests and mountains (trying to do it more often). I love to shoot there and shootings are more effortless there too due to the absence of interference – it’s important when you’re flying with the drone

My drone (DJI Spark) is pretty small and its transmitter/receiver isn’t strong enough. Especially when I’m in a city (where the connection between the drone and remote controller can be lost easily). In forests and mountains the situation is far different

This button “Art” will lead you to the place where I’ll organize something similar to gallery of photos, videos and art of different kind that I’ve ever made. Hope you’ll enjoy it


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